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WaterBear’s Ultimate Band Name Generator

Creating a band name can be a right headache. You have a great concept for […]

The DIY Music Industry Explained

How Did We Get here? It’s far too easy now to simply say ‘the Internet […]

5 Tips for Composing for Film and TV – Dispelling the myths

Writing music for film and television can seem like a book of seven seals.  We […]

8 Ways You Can Drive Fans To Your Website

For music artists and bands looking to grow their fan base, a great website remains […]

How to Gig Online and Get Paid

At a time when it seems like the whole world has taken to social media […]

The Musicians’ Guide: How to Avoid Injuries

Blisters, calluses, headstock injuries and electric shocks. They don’t tell you about all of this […]

Your Social Media: Survive or Thrive

Creating and publishing social media content on a regular basis can sometimes feel like an […]

The Musicians’ Guide to Gigging Online: Are You Getting it Right?

Music has always been at the forefront of social interaction. From the moment you start […]

The Musicians’ Guide: Nurturing your Wellbeing

During this time of isolation, it’s important to consider how’s best to maintain and nurture […]

The Musicians’ Guide: Financial Management During COVID-19

If you’re a gigging musician, you are probably starting to feel the strain. Your livelihood […]

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Why WaterBear?

Tardigrade (AKA Water Bear)

  • Micro-animal that is found everywhere, in all extreme climates
  • The most resilient creature known to humanity. Survives and adapts to its surroundings
  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do