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Whether it's neo classical, alternative or progressive electronic music, you're in good hands.

Greyum May
Greyum May

+ Bass & Electronic Music Tutor

As a bassist and multi-instrumentalist, Greyum has spent the past two decades as a touring […]

Samuel Organ
Samuel Organ

+ Electronic Music & Songwriting Tutor

Samuel Organ is a multidisciplinary musician and producer. He’s a founding member of The Physics […]

Richard Brinklow
Richard Brinklow

+ Electronic Music Tutor

Richard has been playing keyboards for most of his life. He signed to the same […]

Why WaterBear?

Tardigrade (AKA Water Bear)

  • Micro-animal that is found everywhere, in all extreme climates
  • The most resilient creature known to humanity. Survives and adapts to its surroundings
  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do