Songwriting Tutors

Mothers of invention.

WaterBear tutors are highly regarded industry professionals. And have the discography to prove it.

Georgia Train
Georgia Train

+ Business & Innovation & Songwriting Tutor

Georgia is a longstanding music industry professional and founder of Hookers Songs, a publishing company […]

Nick Williams
Nick Williams

+ Songwriting Tutor

Nick Williams is a songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and live music promoter. He’s the […]

George Holiday
George Holiday

+ Songwriting Tutor

Nicknamed ‘Mark Ronson on wheels’, George is a songwriter and producer who resides on a […]

Samuel Organ
Samuel Organ

+ Electronic Music & Songwriting Tutor

Samuel Organ is a multidisciplinary musician and producer. He’s a founding member of The Physics […]

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Visit us in the heart of Brighton, or experience WaterBear via our online open day events.

Our Courses

We are world leaders in on-site, online and blended learning for musicians. Our BA (Hons) and Master’s courses are internationally recognised and approved by Falmouth University.

BA (Hons) Career Musician On-site

Immerse yourself in the on-site university experience. Get the best of both worlds.

BA (Hons) Career Musician Online

Enjoy the flexibility of online learning. Study on your own terms. 

MA Music Entrepreneur

Sharpen your commercial edge. Study online or with a blend of on-site and online activity. It’s up to you. 

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  • This resilience and ability to adapt and survive inspires us in everything we do
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